We Try To Help People With Volunteering
Try Out Program and Help People with their Needs
Donations Made
Happy Children
Volunteers Helping
Children Educated
Medical camps
In these camps free consultation and free medicine are distributed (at least six camps in a year).
Awareness Camps
Every year many awareness camps are organised to educate people especially regarding hygiene and also medical education,e.g special aware camps for pregnant women and after delivery hygiene and maintaining vaccine and hygiene of the newly born babies.
Free education to the children coming from the families living under poverty line.. the organisation was the only private organisation to be the first to come to the help of the people who lost everything in the devastating floods of 2014….but could not continue working due to lack of funds ,which are the future plans of the organisation.
​As by far now, Our own orphanage has not been constructed fully. So, we provide clothes and food to few orphans in different orphanages across and organise medical camps in different seasons of the year across Jammu & Kashmir.
Who we are

The Team of Crises Management Organisation, headed by Dr. Parvez Aziz consists of Doctors, Engineers, and many well Educated persons; who apart from doing their duties (i.e, working in their own fields) get together to serve people in need, in any disastrous situation which arises in the Valley of Kashmir. Conducts many medical camps throughout the year, Conducts many other camps, Distribution of food packets at festival time, Warm clothes and Quilts & Blankets e.t.c at winter times.

crisis management organisation

Account Number - CD-0252010100004853

Branch - Air-Cargo Branch

Bank - J&K Bank, Srinagar, Kashmir


Rising to expectations for needy people

The team of Crisis Management Organisation have always tried and delivered to the expectations of the people as much as resources are available.

Recently when people were dying in the devastating flood immediate relief (i.e food and medicines) were distributed among the flood affected people. Quilts, blankets, pillows e.t.c were distributed to the people who are living in tents in the cold temperature as their whole house hold things along with their houses were washed away by the floods.

Things to be done at War Level

Crisis management organisation has many things in the queue to be done in the Present year 2015. The hardest and the biggest being to rehabilitate the flood Victims. To provide shelter to the people whose houses were destroyed due to Floods.

Massive funding required for the process, so donate Generously to provide shelter for the homeless people dying in The cold weather of kashmir. Crisis management organisation is At high alert due to out break of swine flu in the valley due to Which many people have died and rest patients tested positive and Paralysed government doing nothing. Keeping in view the grave Situation crises management is organising a medical camp on 15 th And 16 th of march in which free medicine, vaccines, n-5 masks, Napthalene balls e.T.C will be given to 3000-4000 patients.

About us

Crisis Management Organisation is one of the few organisations who has been working for the needy people actively since 2006 since then many camps were organised :

The Crisis Management Organisation plays its part in the rehabilitation of orphans by far now Crisis Management don't have an orphanage (not able to establish due to lack of funds) so Crisis Management organisation gets many orphans educated in different educational institutions and pay their yearly fees, uniforms, bus fee from the organisation's funds but the approach being to less orphans due to lack of funds.